ESG Pyrotech™ Secure Glass EN356, LPS1270 and EN1063

We are pioneers in offering fire resistance combined with certified security glass as an option. ESG Pyrotech™ can be incorporated with any of our security glass range of glass such as EN356, LPS1270 or EN1063 to provide a totally secure solution.

Essex Safety Glass is leading the way by being the first company to achieve approval for their LPS1270 ESG Secure Laminated Security Glazing to the LPCB Loss Prevention Standard LPS 1270: Issue 1.

LPS 1270 was developed to increase the current level of security offered by glass tested to European Standard BS EN 356:2000 enabling glazing systems to offer the independently proven higher levels of security compatible with LPS 1175, LPCB's leading standard used for medium and high level physical security products and systems.

Levels 1-5 are available for LPS1270

P1A – P5A and P6B- P8B for EN356.

BR1-BR7 and SG1 and SG2 options are available in spall allowed and no spall for EN1063 ballistic glass.

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